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The Therapist

Angela Landeros LMT

I have cared for countless clients over the years. But I was not always working on people. I am also certified as an Equine Body worker, EBW. My background in Bio mechanics started in horse and human relationship. Both mentally and physically. As a Therapeutic Riding Instructor, TRI my focus was the physio/mental relationship between horse and rider.

I have advanced to take that further by concentrating on YOU! My enthusiasm for healing through massage has reached new levels. I want to help you create a new you!

We will work step by step together to center your body physically. The mind and body go together, your physical well being is the step to mental well being. They can't help but go together.

My special interests are:
Swedish massage
Deep tissue massage
Sports related injuries
Soft tissue/scar tissue damage
Range of motion improvement
Heat/ice modalities
Reduction of toxins
and ultimately a better you!